It was the in the 1960's the last time the barn was updated, but it finally got a much-needed facelift before the 2018-19 season.

Yes, Williams Arena has been a historic place to play for many years, and for many years the court saw no updates what so ever. That finally changed and the court looks absolutely fantastic.

I know from afar that it doesn't look like the correct "maroon' but I promise it is. It is also a great fresh look that is pleasing for the fans. Hopefully, the squad plays better on it.

Darren Wolfson, from KSTP, said on Twitter it was the first time since the 1960s since the court had an update. That is a long time, even for the barn.

Regardless, the team needs to be better than last year, especially with the high expectations they had a year ago. Don't forget, we will have Gopher's basketball (and football) on Cool 104!

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