has named the Best Movies That Take Place in Every State and of all the movies set in Minnesota, they picked my favorite Minnesota movie! Is it yours? They picked Fargo, which came out in 1996 (when you were...what? 16?). Such a funny movie...and that wood-chipper!

Now, I love Fargo, but there are so many movies set in Minnesota! How 'bout Mighty Ducks? Or Grumpy Old Men?

"We tried to select movies that took place mainly in a given state . . . [and] that represent a state's place in the nation's collective consciousness."

OK, so maybe that knocks out Mighty Ducks, but Grumpy Old Men IS Small Town Minnesota, including ice fishing...and grumpy old men!

Oh, and what about Purple Rain? Do they hate Prince or something?

One that should have received an honorable mention was set right here in Rochester.

A quick note...Michigan's #1 is Robocop. It should be Somewhere in Time. Watch the trailers, you decide.

First, set in Detroit...

And now the one set on beautiful Mackinac Island. Probably one of the best romances ever filmed.

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