Remember that super classy Philadelphia Eagles fan who took one of the purple seats from U.S. Bank Stadium after Super Bowl LII last Sunday? Well, yeah, authorities caught him. And here's what's he going to have to pay.

The pictures of this way-classy Eagles fan sit social media Monday morning. It showed the man, who hasn't been named, walking away with a purple seat under his coat, along with an empty spot in the row where his seat used to be.

Well, the folks at the Minnesota Sports Facility Authority-- that's the group that runs several of our big stadiums here in the Bold North-- finally caught up with the guy.

And, while they're not pushing for charges to be filed against the man (although I personally think they SHOULD charge him with something!), they're merely charging him to replace the seat.

According to this MPR story, "Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority spokeswoman Jennifer Hathaway says the fan regrets his actions. Since extra chairs were previously bought in bulk, the cost to replace it, including labor, is estimated at $125."

So, yeah. He's cooperating. Finally. But only because he got caught. I still think they should throw the book at him. I've been to LOTS of sporting events, and never once did I even THINK about stealing a seat right out of the stadium. Sheesh. At least they're getting their money.

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