Accumulating snow is set to hit Southeast Minnesota, especially south of the I-90 border, Thursday night. It may just be a couple inches, but it will make for difficult on your commute home.

The National Weather Service put out a small warning, so commuters will know that they should expect road conditions to be a little slippery.

The timing of the snowfall may even transition into difficult road conditions on Friday morning, per the National Weather Service in LaCrosse.

It is never fun traveling on Hwy 52 from Rochester with tough road conditions, so use caution when traveling and be kind to others on the road. It looks like the Preston area will receive about 1-2 inches of snow, while northern to central Iowa could get between 4-6 inches. Toward the west near Austin, they could see near 2-4 inches of snow.

You can always stay up with the weather in Southeast Minnesota at

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