In case you missed it live or on FSN, the Timberwolves played their last home game of the season against the Oklahoma City Thunder last night. This season, the T-Wolves missed the playoffs again, but things are really looking up. We've had a Rookie of the Year each of the past two seasons, and last night, second-year big man Karl-Anthony Towns set the single-season scoring record for the team. With a young nucleus, we expect to start winning again, ushering in a new era of Minnesota basketball, with a new logo.

But after looking at the logo, there are really mixed reviews. They go back in time to add the color scheme from the original logo, but it also looks quite similar to the current secondary logo. And I don't know too much about hues and whatnot about colors, but both the wolf and basketball are blue, to the dismay of some.

The last five seconds are when they show the logo in the thumbnail.

What are your thoughts?

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