Much like someone pulled over on Highway-52 or I-90, it was something that was painful to watch but yet impossible to look away yesterday along Minnesota's North Shore.

While we're known for our sometimes windy conditions here in southeast Minnesota, the winds can also be pretty brisk at times along Lake Superior and in the Twin Ports of Duluth and Superior.

And that's what happened yesterday-- and those gusty winds caused one poor sailboat to crash right into the aerial lift bridge in the Duluth inner harbor.

This KBJR-TV story says it all went down Wednesday evening at about 5:30, when an event called the Wednesday Night Sailboat Races staged its first event of the season.

The story says winds at the time were recorded as gusting to 38 miles an hour-- which was just enough to send this boat right into the bottom of Duluth's lift bridge. Luckily, the story said nobody was hurt, except for the sailboat, that is, which had its mast snapped in two.

Various videos captured by spectators show the whole thing going down-- well, not literally, as the boat didn't capsize, even though it looked like it might flip over at one point. (You can see the painful-to-watch video HERE.)

It once again makes me glad it's not ME in that scenario! I sunk more than a few canoes while as a kid up north at Trout Lake in northern Wisconsin when we were on vacation. Thankfully, no one was hurt-- either back then, and earlier this week in Duluth.

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