What do YOU hear?

You've probably heard your co-workers talking about this annoying piece of audio the past 24 hours by now, right? It's basically the new "What color is The Dress" debate, but for your ears... Everyone is arguing about it and it's turning the Internet upside down. Go ahead and listen to it for yourself:


Soooo which is it: Yanny or Laurel?!

According to an article by The Atlantic, it turns out BOTH are correct!

There are two separate voices in the recording, one saying "Laurel" at a lower frequency and the other saying "Yanny" at a higher frequency. If you play the recording at a high volume, you're probably more likely to hear "Laurel," while if the volume is at a lower level, you'll hear "Yanny."

That would make sense, at least for me because I can honestly hear both! So at least you know you're not going crazy...

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