If you've ever spent some time browsing through Airbnb, you know it's an awesome source for finding places to stay while traveling! You can totally submerge yourself in the daily life of the town you're visiting by staying in someone's home, and a lot of the time it's way cheaper than a hotel!

And this listing I recently found is definitely cheaper than a hotel and incredibly cool!

Turns out, you can rent a tipi in Northern Minnesota! Yes, for real, just check out these pictures:

Crazy, right?!

I can't decide if this is a place I would want to stay. It would be a super unique experience but also the shower is, like, kind of exposed in my opinion. But the owner of this tipi, Jason, gets such high ratings! All 23 reviews are 5 stars!

The one thing about this listing that I find funny is that he says "A full-size air mattress is provided for your comfort." Ummm, I wouldn't put "air mattress" and "comfort" in the same sentence but that's fine.

If you're up for a really different camping experience, this would definitely be something to check out!

Have you stayed in this tipi? Tell me about it!



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