The Fillmore Central Falcons were able to take the first game of the contest against the number two team in the state in class AA, but Stewartville's offense was just too much to contain as the Tigers took the last three games for the 3-1 win.

The Falcons did a great job of attacking where Stewartville is weakest, the back row. Tigers' head coach John Dzubay said the team's passing would need some work as the season goes on and Fillmore Central was able to get their offense in system and attacked that weak point to get the game one win 25-16.

The Tigers were not going down without a fight, as their offense got turned around in the final three sets. Stewartville has plenty of height at the net and utilized it quickly. Erin Lamb led the way for the Tigers with 17 kills in the match, while Kaitlyn Podzinski followed with 11 of her own.

The Falcons were led by Stella Schrüfer seven kills, while many others added points including Paige Donlinger, Madison Scheevel and Kandace Sikkink. KJ Corson was great in the back row and had some great passes to help set up the Falcons offense.

The Tigers were just too much to overcome, taking the final three sets 25-16, 25-9 and 25-12.

KVGO Subway Player of the Game (Stewartville) - Erin Lamb

KVGO Subway Player of the Game (Fillmore Central) - Stella Schrüfer

Kingsley Mercantile Game Ball (Fillmore Central) - KJ Corson

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