Looking online, we are one month and one week away from the Root River Triathlon in Houston. If you haven't started training, today would be a good day to start!

After looking ahead to some good spring and summertime weather, a web search away was the Root River Trail System. Every summer since I moved back to the area, I have made sure to get my bicycle on the trail. But there is a bigger event coming to Houston in May.

Marathon runner running on city road
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The annual Root River Triathlon is coming up May 20th. There are the usuals in biking 7.9 miles and running 3 miles, but no swimming is necessary - when you register, you can choose whether you will kayak or canoe for 6.8 miles to start the race.

Hurry up and register! Kayak and canoe rentals are limited and you must sign up by May 6th in order to receive a race shirt. Sign up at this link.

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