As planting season is here/right around the corner, farm safety become extremely important! From April 17 - April 21, KFIL will have some special programming dedicated to farm safety.

We will have different tidbits, facts and other helpful information to remind you of safety tips that will help you this year. Topics include Livestock Handling, Child Safety on the Farm, Tractor Safety and Crop protection Chemical Safety!

It is always a great to review some easy safety tips to keep you, your family and your employees safe on your farm. There is a lot of distractions, and these safety tips will help keep you in the right direction.

So, be sure to tuned to 103.1FM, and the FREE Radio Pup App, throughout the day starting on Monday as we bring you some of safety tips for you to use on your farm this season! We will also continue to bring you the best country music and the best AG coverage here in southeast Minnesota!

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