Part of the Root River State will be closed starting today.

The sun is shining and many people throughout Southeast Minnesota are itching to get the bike out. If you are lucky, you have already gotten that bike out for a couple miles.

Well, you'll have to be careful about where you are headed as the Root River State Trail will be closed from the Old Barn Resort (Heron Road) all the way to downtown Lanesboro.

The bridges are being replaced/fixed, and you'll be unable to cross the path to get to your destination. It is almost 4 1/2 miles of trail that will be under construction.

The trail is expected to be closed until at least April 20th, and possibly even go past that. It should be ready for the summer months, though.

The demolition of the bridge will start tomorrow, so they will work as quickly as possible to get this done and get you back on the trail.

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