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Channel One Regional Food Bank is partnering with Second Harvest Heartland and Winona Health to provide nutritious meals to those with chronic health conditions. Unique to this partnership, the boxes will be delivered right to the patients.

Channel One Regional Food Bank (Credit: Google)

Participating Winona Health patients will get monthly boxes of food from Second Harvest Heartland’s FOODRx program, which provides tailored prescriptions of food and education to people with chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Virginia Merritt, Executive Director of Channel One in Rochester, Minnesota(and the recent recipient of the Maude Finch Award) said,

“The FOODRx program is the first of its kind in Southeastern Minnesota, which is commonly known as a healthcare destination. We’re hoping that the pilot program in Winona will help us grow partnerships with other healthcare providers in the region, so that people throughout Minnesota with specific dietary restrictions will have access to the food they need...”

Channel One Regional Food Bank Facebook Page

Offering this program in Winona means people that may not be able to afford food they need for their chronic conditions, will be able to have that need met. If you know anyone with a chronic condition, you know how hard it is to deal with it on the daily when you aren't getting the right fuel for your body.

The FOODRx boxes are created by registered dietitians and contain healthy food items like canned fruits and vegetables, whole grains and quality protein sources. Each box also contains educational materials, including delicious recipes that can be prepared using the contents of the box.

Channel One

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