You may remember this story from 2016 when a St. Cloud church was set on fire.

Now, a teenager has been charged with setting a 118-year-old church on fire that racked up millions of dollars in damage and destroyed a 19th-century altar made in Germany.

The teen was charged with first-degree arson, according to the Associated Press. The suspect, at the time of the fire, was 13-years-old.

I hardly remember the story for back then, but there are actually two different sides of how to proceed with the church. Some people would like to see the church rebuilt and repaired because of its historical importance, but some would like to build a whole new church.

The reason that some people do not want to repair the original church is that they would have to repair the issues of accessibility for people with disabilities, lack of insulation and troubles incorporating technology into the church.

The Diocese of St. Cloud announced plans to build a new church last year, but a group of people is suing the diocese in hope of saving the original church.

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