Independence Day is right around the corner, that got the people thinking, just how financially independent are Minnesotans?

As it turns out, Minnesotans are pretty independent. In fact, we rank third in financial independence according to a recent study from WalletHub.

What does this mean? Well, it means that Minnesotans are not very dependent on the other sources for their finances, Minnesotans have the best credit score, the second-highest employer-based retirement access, and participation and third highest median household income.

Minnesotans are far from perfect, though. They rank 49th in highest percentage of adults with a gambling disorder and rank 47th in percent of adults that binge drink.

The Midwest as a whole did pretty well, Wisconsin was ranked 9th, South Dakota 7th, North Dakota 13th and Iowa 16th. No matter where you are in this area of the county, you are in pretty decent shape! Alaska, Kentucky and Mississippi were at the bottom of this list.

You can read the full study from WalletHub HERE.

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