Minnesota, I am once again very disappointed in you. Minnesotans already have very questionable tastes when it comes to Halloween candy or jellybeans, but this new food survey has gone WAY TOO FAR.

That’s because Minnesotans have chosen their #1 favorite vegetable:


Broccoli. GROSS.

To quote Newman: “VILE WEED!”

The survey, which was conducted by Green Giant (clearly a non-biased source), asked people in every state to name their favorite veggie. Most of Minnesota’s neighbors (North Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa) all chose corn, while South Dakota picked green beans. Either of those are so much better options than what tastes like a skunk covered in grass clippings. Here's a quick list of vegetables that are all way better than broccoli*:

1. Corn
2. Carrots
3. Green beans
4. Potatoes
5. Peppers
6. ...Celery, I guess?
7. Hmmm...beets? Sure, why not
8. Recalled Romaine Lettuce

*unless the broccoli is drenched in melted cheese

Source: WCCO

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