Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) -Two students at RCTC became victims of a scam this week that cost them hundreds of dollars.

Police Captain Casey Moilanen says the scam began as an e-mail that advertised for a job opening for a personal house caretaker or secretary. He says in both cases, the students were told they had been hired.

One of the students was sent a check for $2,250 and told to deposit the money and then wire $2,000 back to the scammer. The student soon learned the check was bogus and he was out of the $2,000. The other case involved a student who received a check for nearly $2,000 and told to spend $1,200 on Apple iTunes gift cards and send them to the scammer. Her check also bounced.

Moilanen says it’s possible other students were also affected by the scam that focused on the RCTC e-mail system for students.

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