Last night was the annual pork-e-cue, put on by the Fillmore County Pork Producers. There were plenty of people eating, and there was plenty of food to eat for even me!

I left Preston just a couple minutes after 5:00, and there was very limited parking in Fountain

Once we got parked, there was a long line, but it moved along pretty swiftly. The line snaked inside, and that $10 ticket proved to be very much worth it. Big thick, Windsor pork chops with some pineapple glaze took up most of my plate! Add to that a baked potato, baked beans, a bun, ice cream, and milk. Like I said, the line moved pretty quick, and with all that food, it definitely took longer to eat it than it did to wait.

Big thanks to those Fillmore County Pork Producers for putting this on and thanks for all they provide all year around. Did you make it to Fountain last night?

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