Imagine that. Someone not from Minnesota, trying to make light on our traditions, does a terrible job of depicting what Minnesotans sound like.

The Minnesota Vikings are headed to Philadelphia for the NFC Championship game, and CBS Philly was wondering what vernacular Minnesotans would bring to them to Philly for the big game.

WCCO-TV shared the video on Facebook and it was quite hilariously terrible.

First of all, Hotdish is one of the best dishes created on the planet. It is a dish of food that is hot. How can that sound gross? Hotdish for the win. Tator-tot hotdish is the stable of any potluck or house party.

As badly as despise Lutefisk, this week, I dislike Philly more, so I am siding with Lutefisk. Those who Lutefisk will stand by it and eat it three plates at a time. Dare we say Lutefisk is better than a Philly Cheese-steak Sandwich? This week, maybe.

Finally, the man cannot even pronounce SKOL the correct way, and it has literally been all over the internet for days. He says "scall" What is "scall"?? That is an abomination of our battle cry!! SKOL!

It was a good thing this fella had a native Minnesotan along side him, she was able to clear the air.

If football isn't your thing, you can check out T.C Bear making a half-court shot on the first try at Fillmore Central Elementary:

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