October is National Pork Month, and is a month where we celebrate an thank our pork producers. I mean, who doesn't love bacon?

A big THANK YOU to the Fillmore County Pork Producers, as they have helped us in making you a big winner! Listen to 103.1 KFIL on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 7:50am, 9:30am and 10:30am all month long for the cue to call.

Once we tell you to call, be caller number three and you will be asked a Pork Trivia question. If you get it correct, you win a $10 gift certificate to Rushford, Preston and Harmony Foods! (That is a lot of bacon) Yeah, it is that simple!

In Minnesota, Pork is huge. Minnesota ranks second in the number of hogs its farmers' raise and second in the value of hogs that Minnesota farmers' sell for processing into meat products. Our neighbors to the south, Iowa, ranks first while North Carolina ranks third.

In 2012, Fillmore County farmers sold an estimated 345,000 market hogs, and Fillmore county hogs consumed 3.6 million bushels of corn in 2012 and were fed another 1.3 bushels of soybeans.

Pork has a huge impact on Minnesota's economy and the environment around us. Minnesota is a pork state, there is no doubt about it. with abundant corn and soybean production it provides grain for high quality swine rations. Also, the innovative and experienced pork farmers make it great to keep the industry going.

October Pork Month is great, and winning bacon even makes it better!

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