One Rochester Golf Course is apart of a brand new world record after a group of four took it to the links on a bitter cold Thursday.

Twins Cities Golf made the trip down to Willow Creek Golf Course at the attempt of a brand-new world record for golfing in the coldest temperature. The group hit the links right around 10 am in what felt like -32 temps in Rochester. You can check out the video for yourself on Twin Cities Golf Facebook Page because I don't' think any of us actually want to experience this!


I was very impressed with how far the ball traveled when you teed it up in the snow, but kudos to this crew for braving the Minnesota elements and hitting the links on a day filled with sunshine and terribly cold weather.

Now, when it is sunny and 50 degrees out I'll be sure to get my clubs ready to go. I'll save the -32 degree days for this bunch!

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