Fans are feverishly speculating that the Dixie Chicks may be in the studio working on their first new recordings in more than a decade after Natalie Maines posted a series of teasing pictures from the studio.

Maines turned to Instagram to share the photo above on Monday morning (June 25), depicting three sets of feet in a line and accompanied by the hashtag #Sneaks.

Just two hours earlier, Maines posted a picture taken at the board of a recording studio. Fans can see a glass of wine, a keyboard and a notebook that may contain lyrics, but the singer coyly provided no details, accompanying the photo with only a question mark.

Maines previously got tongues wagging when she shared pictures of herself holding Emily Strayer's banjo and Martie Maguire's fiddle on June 16.

The Dixie Chicks were the most successful act in country music at their peak, but their career was severely impacted by the fallout from a comment Maines made onstage during the runup to the U.S. invasion of Irag in 2003. At a concert in London, she said that the trio were embarrassed that then-president George W. Bush was from their home state of Texas.

They released Taking the Long Way in part as a response to the flap in 2006, and in the 12 years since, they have toured sporadically in different parts of the world, most recently in America in 2016 on their DCX MMXVI World Tour.

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