If you have been anywhere on the internet at all lately, you have seen this story.

The story comes out of Norway. A freak lightning storm killed more than 300 wild reindeer. That is crazy, and the incident is being investigated to try to figure out how and why it happened. The story I found was on KTTC.com, and here's a little more information on it.

It was said in the article that a total of 323 animals were killed during the storm. Reindeer are known to huddle together when storms hit, so that would explain the large number being affected all at once. Lightning is definitely a bad thing when it hits, causing fires and damage, but this was crazy.

Now comes the question of what to do with all the reindeer. This is an event that does happen to animals and wildlife, but almost never on a scale like this. So does nature take its course on the animals, or are the animals disposed of by humans. Time will tell on this, but it just shows that as beautiful as the world is, it can have its dark days.

So head to KTTC.com and read the article on the story. One thing that is sad to hear, but it is nature for you.