What is Minnesota's Brew of choice?

Well, you don't have to look at far into it, because we have them right here.

Thanks to the website thedailymeal.com, they have complied a list of the top beers per state.  The results might surprise you.

We will start with our neighbor to the south, Iowa.

Iowa's most popular beer is the Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout.  Ever heard of it, well I can say no to that.  However, Iowa's best selling brew is........Bud Light.  With a ton of brewery's just a short drive from Minnesota, why not give it a try.

Wisconsin, this one had to have been a tough choice.  With La Crosse being home to quite a large 6-pack, Wisconsin enjoys a drink.  But their most popular, Black Gold.  Just like Iowa, Wisconsin's most popular was Bud Light.  Check out thedailymeal.com to read what is in it, and why it was Wisconsin's most popular.

Now for the home state of Minnesota, what would you guess it is.  Drum Roll......

Todd the Axe Man, Minnesota's Most Popular.  Now just the picture of the can, found on thedailymeal, says something about it.  Check it out and see if it is right for you.

If you want to see the other 47 states favorite beers of choice, visit thedailymeal.com, and see if your favorite is king in another state.

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