More Michael Jordan history was made on February 7th. Back on this date in 1994, his Airness, who had retired from basketball after winning his first three NBA titles, signed a baseball contract.

Yes, Michael Jordan played baseball, and the contract with the Chicago White Sox was signed on February 7, 1994. Staying in Chicago and playing baseball were made easier because Chicago Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf was also the owner of the White Sox. Jordan played Double-A ball for the Birmingham Barons, and there is a cool "30 for 30" special Jordan Rides the Bus that documents the 1994 season. Jordan stole 30 bases and drew 51 walks, and his .202 batting average is still pretty impressive considering he had spent 13 years focusing on the orange ball.

How cool is Harry Carrey calling a Michael Jordan RBI double? Sadly, Jordan never made it to the big leagues in a regular season game, partly due to him not wanting to come up during the MLB strike. MJ was not going to be a "replacement player." He did return to the NBA for three more titles and now owns the Charlotte Hornets. He's done okay.

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