One of the many constants in my life is that I will always miss out on cool outer space things that happen in the sky. Whether it’s a solar or lunar eclipse, a blood moon, or northern lights, I’ll either forget to look or learn about it way too late. It never fails, and I’m annoyed every time. I have FOMO, and yet I always MO, OMG.

Apparently, the Northern Lights were back in Minnesota over the weekend, and of course I first learned about this Monday morning. How unusual for me! Luckily, we live in the age of YouTube. While it’s obviously not the same as seeing an aurora in person with my very own eyes, it’s still cool to see what all this hot sky action does look like.

On YouTuber was able to capture the Minnesota sky, and it’s pretty trippy and nifty. I really need to get my stuff together next time. Don’t let me forget.

I'm not sure about the music, though. You may want to fire up some Nine Inch Nails and then click 'play'.

Source: YouTube

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