After watching a little Legion Baseball in Lewiston on Saturday, I headed over to Rushford for Rushford Days Festivities and the Grand Parade. Weather, as always, was there.

So I got to town in time to watch a little of the softball tournament. Everyone was having a

Softball Hit

good time, and drinking some drinks to cool themselves down. Now I had been watching baseball in the shade earlier in the day, and I tried to find a little shade while watching softball as well. I can just imagine the sweat if I had been playing.

Then to set up for the parade. I got set up in front of Stumpy's and got some interviews with some of our young KFIL fans, one that was just a year old! A few people got on air with me, then to see


all the floats, with some folks spraying water to cool people down. Oh, and the candy. I yelled for candy a few times, and got some, including a freezie! There was also another guest I got to interview.

All in all, a fun day, then after talking with some friends and seeing what kind of bacon and cheese fries I could get, it started raining. That delayed "The Dweebs" from performing, but once they got going, it was excellent.

I may have also gotten a Pina Colada shaved ice, since a certain Garth Brooks song had been in my head for a couple days. How was your Rushford Days celebration?

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