We're so proud to see a fellow Minnesotan do so well at the X Games, which was actually held nearby in Minneapolis.  Alec pulled an 88.66 in his first run in front of 40 friends and family.  We've got the remarkable video that you need to see!

X Games Austin
Getty Images

On Thursday, Samm Adams wrote about Alec's rise from the "cold, windy streets of Rochester."  On Sunday, Andy Brownell wrote about the fierce competition.  Quick bits on Alex:

  • He got his first skateboard at the age of 8.
  • His first email address was flipskater63
  • He's just 22 years young.

Now, he's a Silver Medalist at the 2017 X Games!  Alec - we're so proud of you and excited to see you continue to blossom and grow!



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