We all feel stress every day, whether it is at work or at home, there is always something that will add a little extra pressure to your day that you might not have expected. April is Stress Awareness Month, so Wallet Hub took a deep dive into which states are the most and least stress. Minnesota fared very well.

Lucky for us here in Minnesota, we come in last in terms of which state has the most stress. Louisiana has the most stress, followed by New Mexico and West Virginia to round out the top three. Minnesota was last, while North Dakota and Utah rounded out the bottom three.

Wallet Hub took a look at 38 key metrics to figure out which state was the most stressed. Minnesota ranked 42nd in work-related stress, 51st in money-related stress, 49th in family-related stress and 51st and Health and Safety-related stress.

A big reason that Minnesotans did so well in the personal finance department goes with their incredibly high credit-score, best in the U.S., and have the 4th most psychologist per capita to help with their health and wellness.

Yep, Minnesotans can sure chill out, even when we do get snow in April!

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