The Minnesota Twins made the trip down Hwy 52 on their Winter Caravan and it was an incredible atmosphere at the gymnasium in Preston.

Before the players, manager and former players even got into the gym, the students continued to chant "Let's Go Twins, Let's Go Twins!" It echoed through the school as they kids prepared for the excitement.

Before the players entered the gymnasium, it was the crowd favorite, T.C. Bear.

T.C. electrified the audience like no one else can, and the kids were going absolutely nuts.

Dan Gladden, Paul Molitor, Jack Morris, Eduardo Escobar and Alan Busenitz answered questions from the students. Some were wondering where T.C. Bear got his shoes, others wondered how fast Escobar ran and how hard Busenitz threw.

They asked Molitor is the Twins were going to win the World Series, and what he said really resonated with me.

"I can't guarantee a World Series win, but I also believe that if you don't think you can win the World Series, you never will." That is 100% true.

T.C also had a challenger for a half-court shot contest, and, well, T.C fared pretty well:

T.C. Bear was a hit and a big thank you to the Minnesota Twins for making this possible! It was a great morning!


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