Most Minnesota sports fans already know that we’re a fairly unlucky state when it comes to winning the big one – other than the Lynx, of course. You probably know that it’s been 27 long years since the Twins won the World Series back in 1991. Meanwhile, the Vikings, Timberwolves, and Wild have yet to win the top prize in their respective leagues. It’s been heartbreak after heartbreak. It’s basically a running joke at this point.

So while it’s not too surprising, it is a little surreal to know that Minnesota now officially has the longest title drought in men’s sports. This is after the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup last night, which ended their city’s title drought. Washington was actually tied with Minnesota for that record, but now the North Star State stands alone.

So here's the question: Which team do you think will break the record first? The Vikings? The Wild? Timberwolves? Twins? Minnesota United? Wait, does soccer count? My money is on the Vikings. (Note: Never actually put money on the Vikings)

...At least we’re not Cleveland!

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