As Michael Coble's classmates are preparing to receive their diplomas this weekend he is in the hospital battling an extremely rare nerve and muscle disorder. Coble, a Byron student, who shined on the football field and basketball court was hospitalized last weekend and diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

The family has set up a fundraising page which explains:

Michael’s  “story” began on Sunday, June 3, 2018 when he developed  numbness in his face, hands, and feet. His mother, Deanna, brought him to the emergency room where he underwent multiple tests and was eventually admitted to the hospital.  Mike progressively and quickly became weaker and developed trouble swallowing.  He was diagnosed with Guillain Barre  Syndrome- which affects his nerves and muscles.  Mike is currently getting supportive care with  breathing support , tube feedings, and Immunoglobulins . But this is not the whole “story”. This is one chapter in Mike’s life.  Everyone who knows Mike (aka Ice Mike) knows that he is a fierce competitor. And that he  will do what he does best-  WIN!!

Michael's Caring Bridge site provided this update last night: "He is weaker today, making it more difficult for him to communicate his needs. Even opening his eyes is a challenge. This is a sign that the disease has progressed but we were told early on to expect this. His symptoms could worsen for up to 4 weeks after diagnosis at which time we would expect them to plateau and for him to start to recover. He continues to have fevers but his chest X-ray is no worse. He continues on antibiotics."

There are several ways to support Michael and his family. On Friday, June 15 Buffalo Wild Wings is donating 10% of their proceeds from 4:30-10pm, Byron Students have designed T-Shirts that will available to purchase soon, and this Go Fund Me page is accepting donations.

**NEW EVENT** The Bears Den in Byron will be hosting a fundraiser on Monday, June 11th. They will have pizza and pop for $5. All the proceeds will benefit Michael and his family.

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