Guys, I don't want to alarm anyone. I don't think we're at risk of getting an atomic wedgie or stuffed into a locker, but I figured this is worth sharing. A new study from WalletHub looked at the states with the biggest bullying problems, and the results for the Top 10 immediately caught my attention:

Source: WalletHub

First, the good news: Minnesota isn't even on this list. Guaranteed, Minnesota was omitted (along with Oregon and Washington) because of "data limitations", but I'm taking this as a sign that we're 100% perfect in every way and have no need for any self-improvement whatsoever. Great work, everyone!

Back to the study: North Dakota (#6), Wisconsin (#7), Iowa (#11), Nebraska (#19), and South Dakota (#21) all made the list, and yikes. Minnesota is surrounded by states that rank poorly when it comes to Bullying Prevalence, Bullying Impact & Treatment, and Anti-Bullying Laws. What gives, North Dakota and Wisconsin? You should be ashamed of yourselves. Why can't you be more perfect and Minnesota Nice like us?!

Source: WalletHub

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