Small businesses are the lifeblood of many different communities throughout our country, especially in small communities. That brings us to the question: Is Minnesota a good place to start a business?

According to the latest study from Wallet Hub, Minnesota ranks 27th when it comes to the best states to start a business in. Wallet Hub looked at Business Environment, Access to Resources and Business Cost ranks to help determine where the best place to open up your new business is.

Yes, location is everything, right down to which road travels by your business, but when it comes to which state to is the best to open up in, Minnesota is not among the top.

Minnesota was 21st in Business Environment but made up some ground in their Access to Resources, ranking 10th. Our great state was hurt in the Business Cost rank, sitting at 39. Uffda.

Texas, Utah and Georiga were the top three places to start a business, while Hawaii, New Hampshire and Rhode Island ranked in the bottom three. North Dakota was the highest-ranked midwest state, sitting at 7th, while South Dakota was 13th.

Minnesota was far from the worst in the area, as Iowa and Wisconsin came in 39th and 40th.

Be sure to be a patron at the small businesses throughout our communities, and thank them for everything they do!

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