Heavy storms came through Southeast Minnesota on Saturday night, and it looks like the high winds may have torn a tree right out of the ground.

This tree could have already been cut down and placed there, I get it, but isn't it a coincidence that after a HUGE storm rolled through the area that a tree was on the sidewalk right next to the school's administrative building? I think not.


It was reported that 70 mph winds came through some of Southeast Minnesota, and I am guessing that had something to do with the tree on the sidewalk.

My girlfriend and I got some dinner in Rochester and when we got back into town I saw the tree was just there. On the sidewalk. Doesn't seem like the greatest place to leave a tree, does it?


Hopefully, they get it moved soon, but I did snap a couple pictures of the tree, and it won't be fun to move (especially with the heat returning Monday and Tuesday).

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