St. Paul, MN (KROC-AM News) - The Minnesota Department of Health is reporting the state’s second case of novel coronavirus.

State health officials say the presumptive positive result for COVID-19 came from a Carver County resident who was likely exposed while traveling in Europe in late February. The patient developed symptoms on March 2nd and sought health care on Saturday and the positive result came back from the state public health lab late Sunday afternoon. Officials say the person is in their 50s.

Like the first case reported on Friday, the individual is recovering at home in isolation. The health department and Carver County public health officials are working to identify every person who had contact with the patient.

“While our public health workers are busy tracking down potentially exposed people and evaluating potential cases, the rest of us must do our part,” Commissioner Malcolm said. “First and foremost that means staying home when you are sick. It also means covering coughs and sneezes, washing hands frequently, and avoiding touching your face throughout the day.”

State officials say Minnesota’s first coronavirus patient had very limited contact with others after returning to the state from a cruise ship with a known COVID-19 case and the risk of additional infections, in that case, is considered very low.

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