An extensive ranking of the strictest states for DUI laws was recently conducted by the law firm Siegfried & Jensen, based on metrics like DUI arrests, fatalities, the BAC lower threshold, and open container laws.

And it turns out that Minnesota was ranked #1 in the country when it comes to having tough DUI laws and penalties. Basically, you really don't want to drive under the influence in the North Star State. Here's the breakdown:

DUI Arrests per 100k drivers: 565

1st DUI Jail Time: 90 days

2nd DUI Jail Time: 365 days

3rd DUI Jail Time: 365 days

1st DUI Fine: $1,000

2nd DUI Fine: $3,000

3rd DUI Fine: $3,000

1st DUI License Suspension: 6 months

2nd DUI License Suspension: 12 months

3rd DUI License Suspension: 12 months

# of DUIs a felony: 4

License plate impoundment: Yes

Open Container Laws: Yes

Repeat Offender Laws: Yes

Alcohol Exclusion Laws Limiting Treatment: Yes

You can check out the full list here. Consider this an important reminder to never drink and drive - especially not in Minnesota. YIKES!

Source: Patch

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