Who here is still paying off their student loans? College ain't cheap, man! But if you're a high school student in Austin, Minnesota - you just might be able to save a ton of money.

That's because the Hormel Foundation is offering a huge scholarship to attend Riverland Community College through their Hormel Foundation Austin Assurance Scholarship. The program will cover tuition and some fees for qualifying students at Austin Public and Pacelli Catholic school. To qualify, students must:

- Live in the Austin public school district
- Graduate from Austin Public or Pacelli Catholic Schools
- Complete a set of volunteer hours
- Have "decent" grades

This is a great idea, and a really cool way for Hormel to give back to the community. Why wasn't this available when I was still in high school!?

You can get more info about Hormel's scholarship program here.

Source: KTTC

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