The Mabel-Canton Cougars took down the Spring Grove Lions at home Monday night in the second-half of the doubleheader, 53-51. The Cougars honored parents and also cancer night. It was an amazing atmosphere.

The Cougars came out with an 11-4 lead before the Spring Grove Lions came back to trail just 13-10. The Cougars got great play from several players like Payton Danielson, who finished with 16, and Jordyn Newgard who had 12.

The early lead was attributed to great defensive pressure and forcing the Lions into turnovers early.

The Lions closed the gap a bit, but the Cougars were able to take a 27-20 lead at the break. Coming out of the break, the Cougars built their lead up to 40-30. The Cougars dominated on the inside and used slick passing to get open looks in the midrange.

Mabel-Canton wanted to make it tough on the Lions on the inside, and they did just that by defending well on the perimeter. The Lions used Mariah Edgington to attack the basketball and they were able to close the lead down to 43-48, Edgington hit a three at the buzzer, but the Cougars got the win 53-51. Lauryn Bohr and Edington both contributed 14 points for the Lions.

KFIL Subway Player of the Game (Spring Grove) - Mariah Edgington

KFIL Subway Player of the Game (Mabel-Canton) - Payton Danielson

Kingsley Mercantile Game Ball (Mabel-Canton) - Jordyn Newgard


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