St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman has dropped out of the race for governor, suspending his campaign yesterday.

Here is a statement from Coleman via Twitter.

Coleman didn't fair well in the first straw poll back on February 6th. While Coleman and State Rep. Paul Thissen have dropped out, the DFL race is still full of candidates including U.S Rep. Tim Walz, State Auditor Rebecca Otto, state Rep. Erin Murphy and state Rep. Tina Liebling.

Coleman mentioned that the candidates are very strong on the DFL side of the race, but did not endorse any of the candidates for the soon-to-be-vacant office.

The DFL party will meet at the state convention the second weekend of June to endorse a candidate for governor, but the final decision might not come until Aug 14th during the primary election.

Coleman was mayor of St. Paul for 12 years before starting his bid for governor.

On the side of the GOP,  Jeff Johnson, former Republican State Chairman Keith Downey, Woodbury Mayor Mary Giuliani Stephens and teacher Phillip Parrish all remain in the race.

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