The Mabel-Canton Cougars boys squad opened up a unique double-header against Schaeffer Academy Monday night in Mabel.

The Cougars led early in the game, hitting from the outside with Brenden Kerns and Drew Wyffels. Mabel-Canton jumped out to a 19-13 lead, but the Lions were able to make their run.

Kade Swartz and Cole Bothum started to hit shots from the outside and brought the Lions back to trail by just two at the break, 30-28.

The Lions came storming out of the break and took a 34-31 lead. The Lions were able to attack the basket while the Cougars struggled from the field. Christan Lahr was able to attack the basket and get shots near the rim.

The Lions started to pour it on and increased their lead to 59-43. The Cougars started to make their run and try to climb back into the game, but they just ran out of time. The Lions hit at the free throw line, and game away with the 71-61 win.

Wyffels finished with 14 points, while Logan Richardson had 10 points and 12 rebounds. Lahar had 19 for the Lions and 10 rebounds, while Bothun added 21.

KFIL Subway Player of the Game (Schaeffer Academy) - Christan Lahar

KFIL Subway Player of the Game (Mabel-Canton) - Drew Wyffels

Kingsley Mercantile Game Ball (Mabel-Canton) - Logan Richardson

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