You may have heard once about the Legally Blind Mountain Biker, but have you heard about the legally blind cat saver?

Well, besides “Cat Saver” being a great name for Buster from the Arthur TV show, when I went up to visit my friends this weekend, I discovered a new nickname for the man we know as “Live Action”. When you meet this guy, he leaves quite an impression.

The kitten climbed up and got stuck, then Josh, being the wild man he is, got a boost up there, saved the cat…and almost got stuck himself! While he was up there, we discovered Herb’s ladder was a bit crooked, and Josh told him as much when he got helped down otherwise. All in all, it was a wild weekend with the crew.

Good thing we got him down, he had to head back to Indiana for his last year of seminary! We hope there are more adventures to be had the next time he comes to visit!

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