That is about the only word I can describe when it comes to the car show at Rose Creek's 150th Celebration. I was lucky enough to get to hang out with some amazing people, look at some sweet cars, and play some great music with Cool 104!

The Rose Creek Car Show is for suicide prevention. All the money raised goes directly to suicide prevention, and last year they raised just over $9,000, and every year they seem to donate more and more money. It was just amazing to be apart. It is no slouch of a car show, either. This year, they had 125 cars and about 12 motorcycles, which is a  new record for the event.

I was able to look around at many different cars and snap a few photos, while also talking to many people at the event. So many people have been affected by suicide, and it was cool to share their stories with our listeners.

Thank you to everyone who was apart of the process. It was a very enjoyable Sunday! I took some photos of my favorite rides. Check them out!

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