With the warm weather conditions, the ice has started to melt at Bass Pond in Lanesboro. This has caused the Lanesboro Memorial Ice Fishing Tournament to be moved to a new location!

Sadly, the ice on the pond has started to melt, so the fishing would not be safe, which is everyone's main concern. So with the ice melting, they decided to move the event to a new location with lots of fun to be had!

The event will still be this Saturday, but you ca head to the Root River Saloon from Noon until 3:30 p.m. for all the fun! They will have games, a silent auction, door prizes and apparel sales!

The Lanesboro Senior Class will also be selling food out behind the saloon! There is still lots of fun to be had in Lanesboro on Saturday, so go check it out!

The fishing will not be taking place this year because of the warm conditions and the ice is not safe, but they are still encouraging people to head to the Root River Saloon!

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