Phil Hughes wants to keep just one souvenir from a tough 2016. Last season, Hughes was only able to pitch 59 innings after being hit in the knee by a comebacker, and later having a season-ending surgery for another issue in July. That surgery was to correct thoracic outlet syndrome (common to MLB pitchers recently) and now he's keeping the rib that was removed. What he's going to do with it isn't quite decided yet.

The rib that had been causing nerve and vascular impingement might turn into jewelry. Per the AP, Hughes said, "Plating it with some sort of precious metal is one way to go." That definitely is one way to go. The screws removed after my ankle surgeries are still in a jar at home by the TV. I still think it's quite the display.

Hughes is looking to help this Twins staff this year as he did in 2014, when he set the strikeout-to-walk ratio at 11.63 (186 strikeouts to 16 walks). Hughes earned the 2015 Opening Day start after his first season with the Twins. Here's hoping he and the rest of the pitching staff are effective this year! Opening Day is coming up!

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