Here's something to keep in mind as we approach peak summer road-tripping season!

Let's be honest here, there is nothing worse (and more disgusting) than walking into an ignored and disregarded gas station bathroom. We all know what one looks like too:

  • Water on the floor
  • Weird stains
  • No clean paper towels
  • Greasy mirrors
  • Empty soap dispensers
  • Clogged toilets
  • That smell

Yeah... I could go on and on, but thankfully you don't have to deal with much if any of that stuff when you stop into your neighborhood friendly Kwik Trip because recently scoured hundreds of reviews from customers using its app to come up with a list of the best gas station bathrooms in every state. In fact, it was named our favorite place to "go" in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.

"According to our research, more than half of consumers said that a clean restroom is mandatory when considering where to stop,” says Frank Beard, retail trends analyst at GasBuddy.

Amen to that! Because when nature calls, the last thing you need to experience is someone else's dirty business that was done way before you got there! I happen to stop at Kwik Trips more often than not just because of what GasBuddy says is true. Plus, it doesn't hurt their kitchen/food is top notch either!

If you'd like to download the free GasBuddy app to find the cheapest gas on your next road trip, and also chime in on your experiences, you can do so HERE.

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