On Sunday, the KFIL team was at the B&B Bowl in Preston. We met some great people, and gave away some t-shirts and a pair of tickets to a Minnesota Twins game!

It was a lot of fun, as it always is anytime you are at the B&B Bowl.

From meeting the bowlers, to the people in the dining room and the bar, it was loads of fun to get to know people in the area! It was only one shift of the Scotch Doubles tournament. One of the teams there almost closed on a 300, but they fell just short for a 288 game. How incredible is that?

Throwing a 300 is difficult enough, but doing with while throwing every-other frame is even harder. They had the front 10, but could only get eight on the 11th ball. It was still a very impressive performance!

Here are the winners from our drawing:

Twins Tickets - Phillip D.
T-Shirt - Todd J.
T-Shirt - Kevin W.
T-Shirt - Mike C.
T-Shirt - Ross P.
T-Shirt - Jim V.

Ben and I went live on Facebook while we were there, so make sure you check that out! We also took some pictures with some loyal KFIL listeners. Check out all the fun we had below:

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