Ivanka Trump was in Minnesota this week on the campaign trail for the upcoming election. Her and VP Mike Pence made a stop at a listening session with a "Cops for Trump" group and business owners, visited a business that was destroyed in the riots earlier this summer, and made a stop at the Winona Fleet Farm. It was quite the tour of Minnesota.

The Fleet Farm stop was documented on Ivanka's Twitter account:

Fleet Farm is a sacred place to us Midwesterners. Everyone knows the phrase "if they don't have it, you don't need it." My friend was in FFA in high school and a stop at Fleet Farm was always a reward for the group when they did a good job at competitions. We love going to Fleet Farm.

Ivanka might need some lessons though when it comes to shopping there. We appreciate her stopping to see what one of our favorite places is all about, but she needs to up her shopping game.

Based on the Tweet, she purchased a baby Yoda toy, some licorice ropes, and maybe a sharpie or Exacto-knife. The packaging is upside down so I can't tell for sure. A good start, but here is how I think she could do better:

  • Keep the baby Yoda toy, that's a solid pick up especially pre-Toyland.
  • Swap the licorice for the big bag of Fleet Farm gummy worms.
  • Grab a salty snack as well like a bag of trail mix for a variety.
  • Impulse buy a pair of work gloves from an end cap because you can never have enough of those.
  • Buy anything that has a camouflage pattern. Her mask was close being leopard, but Fleet Farm goes hand-in-hand with real deal camouflage.
  • Swap the heels for a practical sneaker or a work boot.

Don't worry Ivanka, there is a first time for everything. Your next Fleet Farm stop will be even better with these tips. Hopefully, you enjoyed your time in Minnesota!

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