Inauguration day is usually an incredibly important day for our country. However, it's not just the politicians who go down in history on this important day, but also the musical guests who travel to Washington D.C. to welcome a new President.

There have been countless performances on this auspicious day, but the country artists who take the stage tend to steal the show. Here are some of the best country inauguration performances.

Kelly Clarkson 'My Country Tis of Thee' (2013)

Kelly performed at the second Obama inauguration back in 2013. She had to follow up  Beyoncé which is no small task. Clarkson brought her soulful voice with that Texas twang to the White House. DANG! She can SING!

Clarkson encountered then Senator Obama way back in the day. She and a few other Grammy winning artists were invited to speak in front of the Senate. At that presentation she was asked to introduce former President Obama who was a Grammy winner himself for Best Spoken Word Album. The singer and talk show host claims that she completely flubbed his name.

At least she got to get a second chance to redeem herself years later.


Jennifer Nettles, James Taylor, & John Legend 'Shower The People'  (2009)

This interesting trio came together for Obama's first inauguration. When half of Sugarland shows up at ANY show you know it'll be good. Now when you get James Taylor and John Legend in on a performance...WOW!

Garth Brooks 'We Shall Be Free' (2009)

For the 2021 inauguration Garth Brooks performed 'Amazing Grace.' Before he went in to the final verse, he asked the crowd and everyone at home to sing along with him as a sign of unity. He faced backlash after news came out that he would make a trip to the capital to perform. Brooks said he viewed this performance as a sign of unity, and joked that he would be one of the only Republicans there.

Back in 2009 Brooks performed this stellar rendition of 'We Shall Be Free' that brought the house down.

Toby Keith 'American Soldier...Made In America...Beer For My Horses...Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue' (2017)

Toby Keith, a well-known supporter of President Trump, performed several songs on Inauguration day in 2017. Keith paid tribute to both the then incoming and outgoing Presidents.

He gave a simple, "Thanks to Barack Obama for your service, and thanks to the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump."

Linda Ronstadt 'Crazy' (1977)

Ronstadt sang Willie Nelson's 'Crazy' back in 1977. Some Inaugurations end up being star studded affairs and Jimmy Carter's was no exception. The 39th President not only had Linda perform on his big day, but also Aretha Franklin.


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