A month of the release of the game for your phone.

The game, Pokemon GO. It has taken the the gaming world by storm. But also has had a lot of negative media attention also.

Most recently, a confrontation in Winona that has made national news. But what is your take on it. Games on cell phones are now just a way of life. If you need to take up a little time while waiting on anything, easy to just pull out your phone. But this game is unlike anything phones have seen.

I have been around cellphones since the days of the Palm Treo and Blackberry. I've seen smartphones grow from business phones only to what they are today. Gone are the days of snake and brick breaker on your phone. We now have computers in our pockets.

But has Pokemon Go taken things a bit to far? Using the location on your phone and integrating itself with google maps to head out across the town to find these little creatures.

I mean the concept of the game is neat. But safety is always the concern.

So, have you tired it yet. Seen what it is like. Maybe you are like me, more curiosity then anything. Just to see what all the hype is about.

I am going to continue to follow the game, and see what new advances the developers make though. I can see the concept of the game leading to a ton of other apps. So keep up to date by following KFILS facebook page at KFIL RADIO.